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Team introduction

Armstrong Team

Our team is mainly composed of technical department, production department and sales department.

The technical department is specially responsible for the production, R & D and upgrading of the equipment. The monthly meeting will be held irregularly to study and discuss the following tasks:

1. Make and implement the new product development plan.

2. Formulate technical standards and product quality standards for each equipment.

3. Solve process production problems, continuously improve process technology and introduce new process methods.

4. Prepare the company's technical development plan, pay attention to the training of technical management personnel and the management of technical teams.

5. Cooperate with the company in the introduction of new technology, product development, utilization and updating.

6. Organize the evaluation of technical achievements and technical and economic benefits.


The technical department in meeting.

The sales department is the main carrier of Armstrong's customer relationship management strategy and also a unified customer-oriented comprehensive platform established by Armstrong. As an important image window of the company, the sales department adheres to the tenet of "honesty and efficient service", and treats every customer with a warm heart and a responsible attitude. We are the bridge connecting customers and production equipment, and always convey the latest situation to customers immediately.


Participate in the exhibition.

The production department is a large team, and everyone has a clear division of labor.

First, we strictly implement the production plan according to the process and drawings to ensure that the products meet the requirements.

Second, we will work closely with relevant departments such as technology development to participate in product quality improvement, technical management standard approval, production process innovation, and new product development scheme approval.

Third, before each product leaves the factory, we will carry out strict testing and inspection to ensure that the product is in good condition when the customer receives it.


Actively participate in company activities