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Truck Brake Pads Back Plate Types

Brake pads are important components installed in automotive, which slow down or stop the vehicle by generating friction with the wheels. When the brake pedal is pressed, the brake pads will come into contact with the brake disc (or drum), thereby suppressing the rotation of the wheels. The effectiveness of brake pads is crucial for the safety and performance of vehicles. While brake pads are also composed of two parts: friction material and steel back plate.a1

For truck and commercial vehicles, it typically need to carry more cargo or passengers, thus requiring larger brake pads to provide stronger braking capacity.a2The truck back plate also have different types:
1.Punching Holes type: Use punching machine to stamp holes on back plate, or use laser cutting machine to cut the back plate and holes on it.

a3a4 2.Wire mesh (full welding) type:
The advantage of full welding mesh technology compared to the traditional backing plate with holes and spot welding includes:
The shear strength is much higher compared to backing plate with holes, spot welding and wiredrawing technology. Fully welded steel mesh can better assure the important feature of brake pads – the compulsory requirement of brake pad shear strength stability and consistency in safety features.
Comparing with backing plate with holes, brake pad will not suffer from material loss due to holes on the backing plate after braking, ensuring brake pad appearance.
Comparing with backing plate with wiredrawing, safety and protection level is improved during transportation and following manufacturing process, avoiding the difficulty of protecting backing plate with wiredrawing during transportation and workers being hurt during manufacturing processes.



3.Casting iron type:
Casting plates offer superior shear strength for brake pad and price is comparatively higher. This is usually the first choice for OEM manufacturers.



4.NRS Hook type
It has two types of hooks:
One is made by scratching machine, the cutter of the machine will make hooks on back plate one by one, all hooks are in same direction.



The other is made by mold, all hooks are made at same time by punching machine. The hooks could be made in different directions and not in a row. In this way, the brake pad shear strength stability can significantly enhance.


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Post time: Dec-21-2023